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  • Preventative Dental Care Services in Plano, TX

Preventative Dental Care

When it comes to oral health, preventive dental care is the key. Our preventive services complement the restorative, cosmetic, and orthodontic services that we provide. Early detection and prevention minimizes the discomfort, expense, and other serious health conditions that can develop.

Our practice has served Plano, Frisco, and surrounding areas for over 30 years and has grown to become one of the most trusted and referred services in North Texas.

Prophylaxis (Cleanings)

Twice a year dental cleanings are essential to preventing the formation of cavities and gum disease. Cleanings are a necessary component to any good, complete oral regimen. Brushing and flossing alone will not remove plaque, which eventually hardens to form tartar. Plaque and tartar buildup lead to cavities and gum disease if not kept under control.Regular cleanings are one of the main pillars of preventive dentistry.

Oral Cancer Exams
Regular exams are essential to your general health. Oral cancer can go undetected for some time, unless examined by a dentist. Early detection and treatment will greatly improve your chances of successful recovery. Risk factors include heavy drinking and smoking, genetics, neglect and poor diet. The HPV virus has been linked to oral cancer. This has caused younger people with none of the usual risk factors to be affected. We offer the Velscope exam to further enhance early detection.

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Evaluations 
The temporomandibular joints are located on either side of the jaw, and are the flexible joints that allow us to open and close our mouths. Muscle pain around the jaw area or at one or both temporomandibular joints can be the result of a number of conditions such as teeth grinding, arthritis, or other possible causes. Our dentist can determine the true cause of the symptoms and then move forward with a resolution.

Digital X-rays
Digital X-rays, which expose patients to a fraction of the radiation of conventional x-rays. They provide the dentist with a comprehensive overview of your teeth, including details that cannot be picked up from a standard oral evaluation. X-rays provide a fundamental baseline understanding of a patient’s current condition, and is a useful tool for gauging future developments in the gums and teeth.

Periodontal (Gum) Examination
Periodontal disease is incredibly common, and many adults do not even realize they have it. Preventive dentistry is requisite to periodontal disease prevention and effective treatment. Being proactive with detection and treatment is the most efficient way to deal with the eventual pain and discomfort that can occur with neglect. Severe gum disease can even cause the teeth to fall out.

Carries (Cavity) Detection
Cavities are formed when certain types of bacteria in our mouths digest carbohydrates that we eat. These bacteria secrete an acidic digestive by-product, altering the mouth’s natural acid levels. As a result, the enamel of the teeth slowly starts to break down. Cavities can go undetected until the enamel layer of one or more teeth are breached, resulting in pain. Our dentist can detect and treat cavities before they become a more serious problem.

Fluoride Application
Tooth sensitivity is a common complaint and is usually a result of demineralization of the teeth. A dentist-applied fluoride application is an effective way to re-mineralize the teeth and decrease sensitivity. Fluoride applications also improve teeth’s resistance to cavity formation and tooth decay. As we mature we become more susceptible to root decay which can be controlled with the judicious use of fluoride.

Home Care Instructions
The dentist and hygienist will provide proper home care instructions depending on the individual needs of the patient. Home care is considered part of the treatment and must be carefully followed. In addition, regular brushing, flossing, check-ups and cleanings are always the minimal requirement.

As always, we are available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have at any time.

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