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  • Restorative Dental Care Services

Restorative Dental Care Services

Our restorative dental solutions offer many options for patients who have suffered minor to serious complications due to injury, neglect, certain health conditions or other causes. We offer many treatment options to improve both the appearance and function of the teeth and gums, while resolving any pain or discomfort the patient is experiencing.

Offering quality service and expertise for over 30 years to the residents of Plano, Frisco and surrounding areas, our practice has grown to become one of the most trusted and referred services in North Dallas.

Composite (Tooth-Colored) Fillings
Composites restore the shape and appearance of misshapen and discolored teeth.A composite tooth-colored resin is applied to the teeth in layers, and each layer is cured and hardened by a specialized light. The final product is polished to match the smooth texture of natural teeth.

Porcelain (Tooth Colored) Crowns
Porcelain crowns cover the entire tooth and provide stability and durability for teeth that have been weakened by fractures, advanced decay, a root canal, or other factors impacting the integrity of the tooth. They are also an option for people who grind and clench their teeth so much that the original structure of their teeth has been compromised. The great benefit to porcelain crowns is they can be sculpted to not only replicate the original tooth in function, but can be designed to look like the original--or even better.

Dental bridges are another popular restorative option for replacing missing teeth. Just as the name implies, replacement teeth are fitted to bridge over any gaps in your bite. On either end are crowns which fasten over abutment teeth, or teeth on either side of the gap in your bite. As with implants, bridges will restore an even bite, preserving the balance and health of surrounding teeth, gums and jawbone.

Laminate Veneers
Laminate veneers provide dramatic results for whiter, straighter teeth. Very thin, durable porcelain shells bind to the tooth’s surface. Teeth that are crooked, stained, or offset by gaps are immediately corrected.

Bonding works great for minor repairs including filling cracks, cavities, touching up discolored teeth, or reshaping the teeth.This restorative dental procedure uses a tooth-colored resin which is shaped and hardened to bind with the treated tooth.

Root Canals
Root canals are a restorative dental treatment that is necessary when the pulp and nerves within a tooth has decayed or become infected. The pulp and nerves are completely removed. This does not compromise the health of the tooth as these parts only exist to sense pain once the teeth are fully grown.

Extractions (Wisdom Teeth)
The wisdom teeth are the backmost teeth on all four ends. If they grow up past the gum line, they often come in at an angle. As a result, surrounding teeth are impacted, causing pain and creating other complications. Sometimes the wisdom teeth never grow out and are impacted below the gum line, which in some cases can cause problems later on. In both cases, wisdom teeth extraction is often recommended.

Treatment of Periodontal (Gum) Disease
Periodontal disease is the result of many possible factors including poor dietary habits, poor oral hygiene habits, certain medications, certain conditions or illnesses, smoking and genetics. There are a variety of restorative dental care options available, depending on how severe the infection is.

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